PRAXIS Research has a broad base of knowledge and research skills in the areas of Aboriginal history, economic development, justice, health and other social and cultural issues in Canada. We conduct ethnohistorical studies, litigation-support research, community-based/participatory action research, surveys, and social indicators research.

The PRAXIS Research consultants are thoroughly versed in conventional and alternative social science research methodologies. We provide both primary and secondary data collection services, and have produced numerous qualitative studies incorporating quantitative analysis. Qualitative data collection methods include interviews, focus groups, oral-histories and ethnographic methods, as appropriate to each project. Quantitative methods include telephone and in-person questionnaires and surveys. We also specialize in ethnohistorical research, applying analyses of ethnographic and historical data to the resolution of current issues and to the evaluation of court evidence. We have experience with software applications for qualitative analysis (e.g. Atlas.ti), statistical analyses (e.g. SPSS), and litigation data management (e.g., CT Summation).

The principals of PRAXIS Research possess community research experience in Nunavut and in Ontario, and we have worked with various levels of government and non-government agencies. Our research strategies are tailored to specific organizational needs. Located in Ottawa, we have access to an array of information services including Federal Government departmental libraries, University libraries, Parliamentary and Supreme Court libraries, Library and Archives Canada, as well as resource centres operated by non-government organizations headquartered in Ottawa.

PRAXIS Research principals serve as expert witnesses when research is associated with litigation and/or negotiation procedures. We also provide research coordination and researcher training services and we offer advice and recommendations to Aboriginal organizations, government agencies, and other consulting firms regarding research design and data collection methods.

All research and consulting services are subject to strict principles of confidentiality and client privilege.


PRAXIS Research has developed a network of associates with whom we are able to design a research team tailored to our clients' requirements. For example, we have coordinated teams which include experts in the fields of geography/cartography, legal-anthropology, history, genealogy, and sociology. When practical, we also subcontract teams of research assistants and research analysts to conduct preliminary data collection and analysis. A team approach allows us the flexibility to provide a broad scope of expertise, while ensuring a cost-effective product.


PRAXIS Research Associates holds Errors and Omissions insurance as well as Commercial General Liability insurance. The firm is HST registered.